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Mogore 17.12.2019
You're not masculine if you don't have a beard, make less than your female partner, and don't punch everyone that looks at you wrong. Murica!
JoJodal 22.12.2019
Hey love your pic
Gardakus 22.12.2019
Yes, absolutely. We are able to see back in time well before the formation of earth.
Brashakar 25.12.2019
Hi sweetie sexy Charlie ! . . . Wow what a sexy ass and more and lovely sexy lingerie ! Hmmmmmmmmmmm thanx ! . . . XXX
Yozshushura 26.12.2019
I received a degree in the Art of Manipulation.I proudly carry it with me wherever I go & tell everyone up front I use it as much as I can. Now, I’m not saying I use it in an evil way.but, manipulation is used by everyone to some degree.knowingly and unknowingly.I agree wholeheartedly on the bitterness issue.I don’t go that route.it’s more like, let’s see what I can get away with in this scenario.