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Mauzragore 15.03.2020
nicotine is an addictive, [and toxic insecticide. it kills people. it harms the body now, not just in twenty years. if you take the contents of a vaping cartridge, and give it to your do, or ingest it yourself, it will poison you. its why smoking cigarettes are forbiddan in school. kids should not vape. nor should they bring them to school. kids have a list of forbidden things that they cannot ring to school for a reason. and the idea ofjust allowing them to break thee rules because its too much trouble, is silly. they do not need it. why capitulate on something that is clearly in their best interest?just to make things easier for the people who are being paid to enforce a rule.
Nikosida 19.03.2020
qero te comer
Vudozil 22.03.2020
She should have called her mom and have threesome here.she could real good movie and views!
Tutilar 22.03.2020
I believe that.